It had been almost a year since Emma & Frank’s Dyrham Park pre wedding shoot by the time their wedding day came around – a year! Where did that go? I’d been looking forward to taking their Kingscote Barn wedding photos ever since meeting them. Sometimes you just get a feeling from people and you just ‘know’ it’s going to be a pretty special day, maybe because Emma didn’t stop laughing? But that’s exactly what happened – just an awesome day from start to finish, with plenty of emotion and laughs included!

The day began with few relaxed hours at Emma’s house capturing the girls getting ready. No nerves on show, or at least well hidden! I really enjoy this time as it’s a chance to get to know some of the key people on the day. It’s also the least hectic part (usually) which gives me the opportunity to explore different angles and a take on things. You should check out Emma’s gorgeous wedding dress – there’s some serious detailing going on there!

Kingscote Barn Wedding Photography

After a bit of cloud in the morning, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. Emma arrived in style in a 1930s Beauford convertible. We had some time after the ceremony to grab some photos with the car on the winding drive that leads down to the barn. In fact we came back to the same spot later in the day to catch a sunset in the corn fields. With a backdrop like that how can you possibly go wrong? The views driving in are breathtaking! This was my first opportunity to capture some Kingscote Barn wedding photos and as settings go it’s hard to beat. It’s such a stunning wedding venue and it’s easy to see why it’s such a favourite with couples and photographers alike. The barn itself is nestled on a hillside overlooking some amazing Cotswold countryside. Quintessentially English you might say, the perfect backdrop for your guests to soak up.

I’m was given the impression that these two seem to know half the population of Bristol between them. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still it was no suprise that the party turned out to be an absolute belter! I can definitley recommend leaving a box of fancy dress items next to the dance floor to spice things up!

So thank you Emma & Frank for making me feel so welcome on your wedding day. As a relative stranger to you both it’s so obvious you’re made for each other, and I hope these images convey that love to anyone looking through them. Also a big ‘thank you’ to the team at Kingscote for looking after me. On that note I should just mention Strawberry Fields for their fabulous catering!

With so many great moments and some fantastic images, it’s been tough narrowing down my selection of favourites. But here’s my pick of the bunch…

Kingscote Barn Wedding Photos

001_EmmaFrank.jpg002_EmmaFrank.jpg003_EmmaFrank.jpg004_EmmaFrank.jpg005_EmmaFrank.jpg006_EmmaFrank.jpg007_EmmaFrank.jpg008_EmmaFrank.jpg009_EmmaFrank.jpg010_EmmaFrank.jpg011_EmmaFrank.jpg012_EmmaFrank.jpg013_EmmaFrank.jpg014_EmmaFrank.jpg015_EmmaFrank.jpg016_EmmaFrank.jpg017_EmmaFrank.jpg018_EmmaFrank.jpg019_EmmaFrank.jpg020_EmmaFrank.jpg021_EmmaFrank.jpg022_EmmaFrank.jpg023_EmmaFrank.jpg024_EmmaFrank.jpg025_EmmaFrank.jpg026_EmmaFrank.jpg027_EmmaFrank.jpg028_EmmaFrank.jpg029_EmmaFrank.jpg030_EmmaFrank.jpg031_EmmaFrank.jpg032_EmmaFrank.jpg033_EmmaFrank.jpg034_EmmaFrank.jpg035_EmmaFrank.jpg036_EmmaFrank.jpg037_EmmaFrank.jpg038_EmmaFrank.jpg039_EmmaFrank.jpg040_EmmaFrank.jpg041_EmmaFrank.jpg042_EmmaFrank.jpg043_EmmaFrank.jpg044_EmmaFrank.jpg045_EmmaFrank.jpg046_EmmaFrank.jpg047_EmmaFrank.jpg048_EmmaFrank.jpg049_EmmaFrank.jpg050_EmmaFrank.jpg051_EmmaFrank.jpg052_EmmaFrank.jpg053_EmmaFrank.jpg054_EmmaFrank.jpg055_EmmaFrank.jpgKingscote Barn Wedding PhotographyKingscote Barn Wedding Photos058_EmmaFrank.jpg059_EmmaFrank.jpg060_EmmaFrank.jpg061_EmmaFrank.jpg062_EmmaFrank.jpg063_EmmaFrank.jpg064_EmmaFrank.jpg065_EmmaFrank.jpgKingscote Barn Wedding Photography067_EmmaFrank.jpg068_EmmaFrank.jpg069_EmmaFrank.jpg070_EmmaFrank.jpg071_EmmaFrank.jpg072_EmmaFrank.jpg073_EmmaFrank.jpg074_EmmaFrank.jpg075_EmmaFrank.jpg076_EmmaFrank.jpg077_EmmaFrank.jpg078_EmmaFrank.jpg079_EmmaFrank.jpg080_EmmaFrank.jpg081_EmmaFrank.jpg082_EmmaFrank.jpgKingscote Barn Wedding Photographer084-kingscote-barn-wedding-photos.jpg085_EmmaFrank.jpgKingscote Barn Wedding PhotographerKingscote Barn Wedding Photography088_EmmaFrank.jpg089_EmmaFrank.jpg091_EmmaFrank.jpg092_EmmaFrank.jpg093_EmmaFrank.jpg094_EmmaFrank.jpg095_EmmaFrank.jpg096_EmmaFrank.jpgKingscote barn wedding photography at night

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding at Kingscote Barn, I would love to hear from you.



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