Whether you’re getting married in the city, a grand country venue, a tiny church or in your own back garden, I want to capture your authentic story so that you can share it with your loved ones in the years to come.

I aim to deliver images that are clear, sharp, colourful and evocative.

The focus of my approach could be called ‘moment driven’, by allowing events to unfold naturally and without intervention on my part. The ceremony, the details, the first dance – they all have their place. But it’s the many, many moments that happen in between which draw my attention. Maybe it’s a smile, a tender touch, or a glance which speaks a thousand words. Fleeting and so easily missed, capturing these moments and emotions will be my primary focus to help bring your images to life.

I’m proud of my ability to either anticipate them or otherwise be ready for them to happen. I don’t direct and I won’t boss people around; it’s your day after all, not mine! I’ve often been complimented on the day by guests and family members for being a polite, patient and friendly man. Mums love me for this!

You won’t find me wearing any logo t-shirts which shout “I’m the photographer” either – being smartly dressed like one of your guests enables me to blend in with the crowd and get in to the heart of the action without being noticed (too much!). Up close the personalities and characters of your guests will shine through.


Most couples opt for some relaxed portraits of the two of them together. In fact I’ve been told many times how nice it is to have a few quiet moments together away from your guests. But don’t worry, I won’t be taking you away for 45 mins to an hour. My preferred approach is to dip in and out throughout the day, maybe 10-15 minutes here and there when time allows. The key is to have you relaxed and interacting with each other against an interesting backdrop, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Be aware that the quality of light may vary considerably throughout the day, and I’ll always be on the lookout for some interesting light, or a sunset if you’re lucky enough to have one. Typically, I’ll do one mini session before you sit down for your meal, another in the evening, and then finally one later on if you’d like a night time portrait. During winter however we may only get one opportunity for some daytime portraits. Remember though that this is your day and I won’t dictate how I think it should go – you can do whatever you like! Again I’ll be taking a hands off approach. Nothing overly staged or posed – just you being you, focussing on each other, doing whatever it is you guys do.


You may not see many examples around the site, but in short, yes I do take group photos – pretty much at every wedding. You’ve invited a whole host of friends and family together from across the country, maybe the world, and it’s the first time in ages they’ve all been together – if ever. I completely understand how important it is to capture all the key people in some formal photos. But my main aim is to get them done quickly and efficiently so you have more time to mingle and enjoy your day. Standing around for an age working through a list of every possible family combination is not going to be fun for you or your guests, and you’re not going to get the best out of me. So lets stick to around 8-10 photos which we can get done in about 20 minutes. That way everybody’s happy and the old folks won’t get too cold!