Guides for Brides: Sunset Times


What’s that you say? What is this sun you speak of? Ok so I’m being optimistic, but regardless of the time of year you may have a sunset on your wedding day.

Photography is all about capturing light, and the quality of that light will vary enormously throughout the day. Without doubt the best time to shoot outdoor wedding or portrait photos is around an hour before sunset. The sun is lower in the sky making it much more flattering, softer on the skin, and more dramatic, warmer and beautiful overall. Even up to 30 minutes after the sun has set you may get some beautifully dramatic skies, as the last rays of light bounce off the clouds.


With the British weather you’re unlikely to plan your day around it, but do keep it in mind and don’t be suprised if I come and grab you both if we get some great light!

You can check daily sunset times here.