Ever since shooting Neil & Hope’s engagement photos around Clifton I’d been looking forward to their Merchants Hall wedding. As expected, it turned out to be an amazing day filled with fun and laughter. Ensuring their guests had a great time was a top priority, and they’d also wanted to give their wedding a vintage feel. So everybody made a fantastic collective effort on the day to arrive in 1930’s / art deco dress. There was so much going on throughout the day, plenty to keep me on my toes! There were skittles, crazy golf, a novelty bake off (the roast turkey cake deservedly won by the way), ceilidh, marrioke, and lots of bubbles!

I met up with Hope and the girls for the morning at Number 38 bed and breakfast. Hope had been busy getting creative leading up to the wedding. She made all the bouquets herself, aswell as the sash to go with her stunning one off Claire Mischevani dress from Carina Baverstock boutique. Makeup on the day was provided by the lovely Nina Norman, and hair by Becks from Thairapy. Hope’s beautiful headdress was made by Hermione Harbutt. The weather had been pretty miserable that morning with lots of drizzle. Fortunately though it cleared up for the day just in time for the ceremony at Cotham Parish church. Afterwards we managed to get some lovely photographs around Clifton suspension bridge before heading down to the magificent Merchants Hall for a grand reception.

There were so many great moments to capture, but I think one of my favourites has to be Neil & Hope’s bubble infused first dance out on the terrace, with backing vocals provided by the very talented JP Crooner.

All in all a fantastic day, here’s my pick of the bunch…

A Merchants Hall Wedding

Number 38 Bed and Breakfast002_Hope_.jpgMerchants Hall Wedding Dress004_Hope_.jpg005_Hope_.jpg006_Hope_.jpg007_Hope_.jpg008_Hope_.jpg009_Hope_.jpg010_Hope_.jpg011_Hope_.jpg012_Hope_.jpg013_Hope_.jpg014_Hope_.jpg015_Hope_.jpg016_Hope_.jpg017_Hope_.jpg018_Hope_.jpg019_Hope_.jpg020_Hope_.jpg021_Hope_.jpgBridal Preparations023_Hope_.jpg024_Hope_.jpg025_Hope_.jpg026_Hope_.jpg027_Hope_.jpg028_Hope_.jpg029_Hope_.jpg030_Hope_.jpg031_Hope_.jpg032_Hope_.jpg033_Hope_.jpg034_Hope_.jpg035_Hope_.jpg036_Hope_.jpg037_Hope_.jpg038_Hope_.jpg039_Hope_.jpg040_Hope_.jpg041_Hope_.jpg042_Hope_.jpg043_Hope_.jpg044_Hope_.jpg045_Hope_.jpg046_Hope_.jpg047_Hope_.jpg048_Hope_.jpg049_Hope_.jpg050_Hope_.jpg051_Hope_.jpg052_Hope_.jpg053_Hope_.jpg054_Hope_.jpg055_Hope_.jpg056_Hope_.jpg057_Hope_.jpg058_Hope_.jpg059_Hope_.jpg060_Hope_.jpg061_Hope_.jpg062_Hope_.jpgClifton Suspension Bridge Wedding PhotographyMerchants Hall Wedding Photographer065_Hope_bristol_suspension_bridge_wedding_photography.jpgMerchants Hall Wedding PhotographerMerchants Hall Wedding Photography068_Hope_.jpg069_Hope_.jpgMerchants Hall Clifton Bristol071_Hope_.jpg072_Hope_.jpg073_Hope_.jpg074_Hope_.jpg075_Hope_.jpg076_Hope_.jpg077_Hope_.jpg078_Hope_.jpg079_Hope_.jpg080_Hope_.jpg081_Hope_.jpg082_Hope_.jpg083_Hope_.jpg084_Hope_.jpg085_Hope_.jpg086_Hope_.jpg087_Hope_.jpg088_Hope_.jpg089_Hope_.jpgMerchants Hall Bristol Dining Room091_Hope_.jpg092_Hope_.jpg093_Hope_.jpg094_Hope_.jpg095_Hope_.jpg096_Hope_.jpg097_Hope_.jpg098_Hope_.jpg099_Hope_.jpg100_Hope_.jpg101_Hope_.jpg102_Hope_.jpg103_Hope_.jpg104_Hope_.jpg105_Hope_.jpgMerchants Hall Wedding PhotoMerchants Hall Wedding Photography Clifton Bristol108_Hope_.jpg109_Hope_.jpg110_Hope_.jpg111_Hope_.jpg112_Hope_.jpg113_Hope_.jpg114_Hope_.jpg115_Hope_.jpg116_Hope_.jpg117_Hope_.jpg118_Hope_.jpg119_Hope_.jpg120_Hope_.jpg121_Hope_.jpg122_Hope_.jpg123_Hope_.jpg124_Hope_.jpgMerchants Hall Wedding Photography Bristol126_Hope_.jpg127_Hope_.jpg

 If you’re looking for a wedding photographer at Merchants Hall in Clifton, why not drop me a line?!



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