It’s seems it’s been an age since I last blogged a wedding and there’s so much to catch up on. It’s been one heck of a busy summer and with the birth of our baby boy some things have had to take a back seat.

Time then, for some Great Tythe Barn wedding photos. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a couple of weddings at The Great Tythe Barn on the edge of Tetbury over the summer, and it’s rapidly turning into one of my favourite wedding venues. Full of Cotswold charm and character, lots of little places for nice portraits, and a beautiful interior that helps foster a great atmosphere for any wedding.

Emily & Steve got married in June, and let me just start by saying that it was obvious that these two are just made for each other. Just a lovely couple and they are so easy to get along with. The day was fantastic from start to finish, with lots of nice little touches, one stunning dress, smiles all round and probably one of the best groom speeches I’ve ever heard – straight from the heart. Sometimes I get so wrapped up listening to the speeches and have to remind myself I’m supposed to be taking pictures!

Everyone was in great spirits which helped make it an extraordinary day regardless of the weather.

Here are some of my favourite picks…

001_GTB.jpg002_GTB.jpg003_GTB.jpg004_GTB.jpg005_GTB.jpg006_GTB.jpg007_GTB.jpg008_GTB.jpg009_GTB.jpg010_GTB.jpg011_GTB.jpg012_GTB.jpg013_GTB.jpg014_GTB.jpg015_GTB.jpg016_GTB.jpg017_GTB.jpg018_GTB.jpg019_GTB.jpg020_GTB.jpg021_GTB.jpg022_GTB.jpg023_GTB.jpg024_GTB.jpg025_GTB.jpg026_GTB.jpg027_GTB.jpg028_GTB.jpg029_GTB.jpg030_GTB.jpg031_GTB.jpg032_GTB.jpg033_GTB.jpg034_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Wedding Photography036_GTB.jpg037_GTB.jpg038_GTB.jpg039_GTB.jpg040_GTB.jpg041_GTB.jpg042_GTB.jpg043_GTB.jpg044_GTB.jpg045_GTB.jpg046_GTB.jpg047_GTB.jpg048_GTB.jpg049_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Tetbury Wedding Photos051_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Tetbury Wedding Photography053_GTB.jpg054_GTB.jpg055_GTB.jpg056_GTB.jpg057_GTB.jpg058_GTB.jpg059_GTB.jpg060_GTB.jpg061_GTB.jpg062_GTB.jpg063_GTB.jpg064_GTB.jpg065_GTB.jpg066_GTB.jpg067_GTB.jpg068_GTB.jpg069_GTB.jpg070_GTB.jpg071_GTB.jpg072_GTB.jpg073_GTB.jpg074_GTB.jpg075_GTB.jpg076_GTB.jpg077_GTB.jpg078_GTB.jpg079_GTB.jpg080_GTB.jpg081_GTB.jpg082_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Wedding Photos084_GTB.jpg085_GTB.jpg086_GTB.jpg087_GTB.jpg088_GTB.jpg089_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Wedding Photography091_GTB.jpg092_GTB.jpg093_GTB.jpg094_GTB.jpg095_GTB.jpgGreat Tythe Barn Tetbury WeddingGreat Tythe Barn Tetbury Wedding098_GTB.jpg099_Great_tythe_barn_wedding_tetbury.jpg100_GTB.jpg101_GTB.jpg102_GTB.jpg103_GTB.jpg104_GTB.jpg105_GTB.jpg106_GTB.jpg107_GTB.jpg




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