There are some brave souls who attempt to wow the crowd with a well choreographed first dance, and then there’s Mike & Kirsten. It was quite obvious that a lot of time and effort went in to putting together their tidy little number to ‘Life’s a Happy Song’, by none other than……The Muppets! I can confidently say that I will never in my lifetime ever see that repeated, and for that I tip my hat and offer you both my sincere thanks! :)

I photographed Mike & Kirsten’s Colston Hall wedding on an on/off drizzly day in April, with the ceremony set on stage in the old Lantern room. I’ve been to Colston Hall a few times as a concert venue and I love the modern architecture with it’s vast glass facades and open plan walk ways across the open air foyer. I had no idea Colston Hall even offered civil marriage services until hearing from Mike and Kirsten,  but if your looking for an alternative city centre wedding venue I can definitely recommend putting this one down on your list – it has some awesome backdrops for your wedding photos, and being smack bang in the centre of town their are lots of options for some outdoor photos too. We were lucky enough to get a timely break from the drizzle to top it all off with a fun trip to the Christmas Steps.

These two have bags of personality and I hope it shows through from these images, here are a few of my favourite picks from the day…

Colston Hall Wedding Photos

Colston Hall Bristol002-CHall.jpg003-CHall.jpg004-CHall.jpg005-CHall.jpg006-CHall.jpg007-CHall.jpg008-CHall.jpg009-CHall.jpg010-CHall.jpg011-CHall.jpg012-CHall.jpg013-CHall.jpg014-CHall.jpgColston Hall Wedding Photographer016-CHall.jpg017-CHall.jpg018-CHall.jpgColston Hall Wedding PhotographyColston Hall Wedding021-CHall.jpg022-CHall.jpg023-CHall.jpg024-CHall.jpg025-CHall.jpg026-CHall.jpg027-CHall.jpg028-CHall.jpg029-CHall.jpg030-CHall.jpg033-CHall.jpg032-CHall.jpg034-CHall.jpg031-CHall.jpg035-CHall.jpg036-CHall.jpg037-CHall.jpg038-CHall.jpg039-CHall.jpg040-CHall.jpg041-CHall.jpg042-CHall.jpg043-CHall.jpgChristmas Steps Wedding Photography045-CHall.jpg046-CHall.jpg047-CHall.jpg048-CHall.jpg050-CHall.jpg057-CHall.jpg054-CHall.jpg055-CHall.jpg051-CHall.jpg052-CHall.jpg053-CHall.jpg056-CHall.jpgColston Hall Wedding Photography BristolColston Hall Wedding Photographer BristolColston Hall Wedding Photography061-CHall.jpg062-CHall.jpg063-CHall.jpgColston Hall Wedding Photography First DanceRadio Nasties Wedding Band066-CHall.jpg067-CHall.jpg068-CHall.jpg069-CHall.jpg




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