I must admit to have been chomping at the bit to blog this one. Laura and Ben’s Battle Axes wedding in Wraxall was my first wedding of the year. But with both of them taking a six week honeymoon, I’ve held off publishing these until their return. Not that I’m jealous in any way whatsoever!

What a lovely start to 2016 it was! Not only was it a fantastic day for everyone involved, but for me personally it was just one of those days where everything just seemed to ‘click’. Luckily there was a great mixture of hard and soft light throughout the day, which was fun to play with. The Battle Axes also makes for a nicely lit, intimate venue that just seemed to scream photo opportunity at every turn. And last but not least, Laura and Ben were determind to set aside a good chunk of time for some portraits . This is not so easy at times when people get carried away by events on the day, but it is much appreciated!

A few hat tips need to go out to  the Hornbeams for providing the melodys during the day. Kirsten Butler aka the Little Wedding Helper for the gorgeous styling, with the beautiful flowers supplied by Roots Floral Designs. Together they worked wonders! I’d also like to give a special mention to Kieron ‘The Mighty’ Lefever for providing some mind bending entertainment in the evening. Seriously, how do you get a signed playing card inside a sealed crunchie bar?!

Finally, a big thank you to Laura and Ben for giving me the time and allowing me the freedom to capture their day in a creative way. Oh by the way, make sure you consider packing your wellies on your wedding day. Whether it’s winter or summer, you’ll be able to go places other couples can’t reach!

This was my first Battle Axes wedding and it was a blast!

A Battle Axes Wedding

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