Back in May I had the pleasure of photographing Fran & Russell’s Villa Palazzola wedding in Italy. It’s always a privilege when a couple have entrusted me to capture their wedding day, and this goes double for destination wedding photography.

Villa Palazzola is a 13th century Cistercian monastery, positioned on a hillside with a beautiful garden terrace overlooking Lake Albano, just outside Rome. Fran and Russell had visited the area on three previous occasions and had had blazing sunshine every time, but in typical fashion when it fell to their wedding day it was forecast storms and heavy rain all day long. But for the heroics of the team at Villa Palazzola we may have had a different story to tell – but in no time at all they managed to rearrange the whole wedding for the following day!  Everybody was over the moon when the sun came out right on cue the next day.

Villa Palazzola is a bit of a blank canvas for a wedding celebration, and it was great to find family and friends beavering away in the old library during the morning,  getting the decorations ready for the tables and garden – all brought from home of course. In fact having had everyone there for the previous two nights leading up to the wedding had made the atmosphere just that extra bit special, and having had chance to get to know people and being made to feel so welcome, I was really pleased to be part of it.

Fran got ready with her bridesmaids at the far end of the monastary in the morning and she looked fabulous making her way down the aisle. The drinks reception was held in the old courtyard and the open air wedding breakfast with views across the lake was a real treat. We got the chance to make the most of clear skies at dusk before everyone made the most of a day to remember, partying late into the night…

villa palazzola italylake albano RomeVilla Palazzola Romevilla palazzola monastary005-fran-russ.jpg006-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola library008-fran-russ.jpg009-fran-russ.jpg010-fran-russ.jpg011-fran-russ.jpg012-fran-russ.jpg013-fran-russ.jpg014-fran-russ.jpg015-fran-russ.jpg016-fran-russ.jpg017-fran-russ.jpg018-fran-russ.jpg019-fran-russ.jpg020-fran-russ.jpg021-fran-russ.jpg022-fran-russ.jpg023-fran-russ.jpg024-fran-russ.jpg025-fran-russ.jpg026-villa-palazzola-wedding.jpg027-fran-russ.jpg028-fran-russ.jpg029-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola wedding031-fran-russ.jpg032-fran-russ.jpg033-fran-russ.jpg034-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola wedding ceremony036-fran-russ.jpg037-fran-russ.jpg038-fran-russ.jpg039-fran-russ.jpg040-fran-russ.jpg041-fran-russ.jpg042-fran-russ.jpg043-fran-russ.jpg044-fran-russ.jpg045-fran-russ.jpg046-fran-russ.jpg047-fran-russ.jpg048-fran-russ.jpg049-fran-russ.jpg050-fran-russ.jpg051-fran-russ.jpg052-fran-russ.jpg053-fran-russ.jpg054-fran-russ.jpg055-fran-russ.jpg056-fran-russ.jpg057-fran-russ.jpg058-fran-russ.jpg059-fran-russ.jpg060-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola grounds062-fran-russ.jpg063-fran-russ.jpg064-fran-russ.jpg065-fran-russ.jpg066-fran-russ.jpg067-fran-russ.jpg068-fran-russ.jpg069-fran-russ.jpg070-fran-russ.jpg071-fran-russ.jpg072-fran-russ.jpg073-fran-russ.jpg074-fran-russ.jpg075-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola wedding photography077-fran-russ.jpg078-fran-russ.jpg079-fran-russ.jpg080-fran-russ.jpg081-fran-russ.jpg082-fran-russ.jpg083-fran-russ.jpg084-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola wedding photographer086-fran-russ.jpg087-fran-russ.jpg088-fran-russ.jpg089-fran-russ.jpg090-fran-russ.jpg092-villa-palazzola-wedding-photographer.jpg091-fran-russ.jpgvilla palazzola evening celebrations093-fran-russ.jpg095-fran-russ.jpg096-fran-russ.jpg



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