Stick an eclectic mix of Brummies, Welsh and Iranians in one of Somerset’s finest wedding venues, and what you’ll end up with is a party of handkerchief waving epic proportions (not your usual hankies mind, these ones are bling). I had no idea things would get this crazy, but Joe & Leyla’s Orchardleigh House wedding will stay in the memory for a very long time!

To start the day off the boys got ready just down the road at The Lodges, whilst the girls prepared themselves upstairs at the main house. The ceremony was held in the main hall. To add punch to an already great day, they’d organised a bit of a sing along with some bandeoke in the evening, and a surprise fire show late at night. Then it was back to the dance floor for some Iranian hits! An amazing day from start to finish…

A big thanks goes to Scott from Life in Focus Photography for second shooting for me on the day – I think I needed the help! :)

Orchardleigh House Somerset wedding venue003-JL.jpg004-JL.jpg005-JL.jpg006-JL.jpg007-JL.jpg008-JL.jpg009-JL.jpg010-JL.jpg011-JL.jpg012-JL.jpg013-JL.jpg014-JL.jpg015-JL.jpg016-JL.jpg017-JL.jpg018-JL.jpg019-JL.jpgorchardleigh bridal preparations021-JL.jpg022-JL.jpg023-JL.jpg024-JL.jpg025-JL.jpgOrchardleigh House wedding027-JL.jpg028-JL.jpgWedding030-JL.jpg031-JL.jpg032-JL.jpg033-JL.jpg034-JL.jpgOrchardleigh Wedding Photography036-JL.jpg037-JL.jpg038-JL.jpg039-JL.jpg040-JL.jpg041-JL.jpg042-JL.jpg043-JL.jpg044-JL.jpg045-JL.jpg046-JL.jpg047-JL.jpg048-JL.jpg049-JL.jpg050-JL.jpg051-JL.jpg052-JL.jpg053-JL.jpgOrchardleigh Wedding Photographer055-JL.jpg056-JL.jpg057-JL.jpg058-JL.jpg059-JL.jpg060-JL.jpg061-JL.jpg062-JL.jpg063-JL.jpg064-JL.jpg065-JL.jpg066-JL.jpgOrchardleigh Wedding068-JL.jpg069-JL.jpg070-JL.jpg071-JL.jpg072-JL.jpg073-JL.jpg074-JL.jpg075-JL.jpg076-JL.jpg077-JL.jpgOrchardleigh Wedding Speeches079-JL.jpgOrchardleigh Wedding Speeches081-JL.jpg001-Orchardleigh-wedding-photography.jpgorchardleigh first dancefirst dance at orchardleigh084-JL.jpgorchardleigh fire showfire show at orchardleigh087-JL.jpg088-orchardleigh-wedding-photography.jpg089-JL.jpg090-JL.jpg091-JL.jpg092-JL.jpgorchardleigh evening celebrations094-JL.jpgorchardleigh wedding celebrationsorchardleigh wedding photographer




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